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Richard Bailey Photography

Richard Bailey has been a freelance photographer for nearly twenty years, working primarily in the advertising, corporate and editorial sector.
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Richard has won numerous awards over the years, including second place in the Sony World Photography Awards, Creative Review Best in Book, PX3 awards and more.


"Darwin's Pigeons'

Fancy Pigeons played an important part in helping Darwin prove his theories and in 2009 it was the 150th anniversary since the publication of the 'Origin of Species' and also the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth. Richard decided to photograph some of these exotic breeds and at the same time see if he could come to love the pigeon. After all, we are all used to the ‘London Pigeon’, which some would call the ‘flying rat’.

Charles Darwin set out to prove that all fancy pigeons are descended from the common pigeon known as Columba Livia or Rock Dove and this particular research, would in turn help him with his theories towards the 'Origin of Species'.
In 1855 Charles Darwin became a pigeon fancier and set up a breeding loft at his home in the village of Downe, Kent.

The images Richard took were intended to celebrate the pigeons which played such an important part in Darwin's work, but then the project became more than that. The photographs became ‘portraits’ of the birds and they took on an anthropomorphization. Some pigeons looked into the camera with an unflinching gaze testing the viewer in a malevolent manner, whilst others looked on benignly, almost compassionately. The different breeds took on unusual characteristics, some looked a little bit naive, others have a conceit about them, an air of self-importance as they puff up their chests and present themselves to the camera.
Photographed in such a way that the abundance of colours on the different pigeons are brought out and emphasised, this series of weird and wonderful pigeons that Darwin worked with carries on the great tradition of classical animal iconography.

Currently available as limited edition prints, and with a book on the way, these astonishing portraits have a universal appeal.


In 2005 Richard co-founded the Shifting Perspectives exhibition and has been curator ever since, taking the exhibition to over 50 different venues in 12 different countries.
Shifting Perspectives is a photographic exhibition that deals with all aspects of Down's syndrome. We have twenty photographers who all have a connection with Down's syndrome in some way or another.

You can see this uplifting and thought provoking work here:

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